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"Had a problem...called this morning and the girls got me right in that day. Had to have a crown done (new procedure to me!). Doctor Reed and his assistant Bonnie were just great with me..explained everything as we went along. And, as usual with Dr. Reed, NO PAIN! Great professionals....highly recommend Dr. Reed and his staff." - Thomas M.


Root Canal & Denture

"We were amazed by the precision of the appointment, on time! The main factors for our visit, first was the cost difference on the root canal including crown and post. Secondly pricing on upper denture was extremely competitive. Thirdly the friendly atmosphere and service is remarkable." - Denis K.


"I have not been in for quite a while so when I had my wife put me on the cancellation list I was thrilled when I got in to get checked out a day later! As always, great service/attention to detail..."


"Very efficient and friendly. I appreciate the personal attention to the welfare of my teeth."


"Dr.Reed did an amazing job pulling my lower teeth. He pulled 11 teeth and two broke and it was 4 minutes and 43 seconds. It was so fast and painless it was hard to believe. I will go back to have the uppers done. Thank you, Dr. Reed."


"You guys have given me a simply wonderful smile. Thanks so much for all the advice and all of the great work you did for me. I always feel like I am in good hands when I walk in your doors and am sure I made the right choice when I leave. Your simply the best. Thanks again."


"My 6 year old daughter LOVES to come to Innovative Dental Technologies. She wants to become a Dental Hygienist someday because of the care and safety of their staff and environment. Thank you for all you do for our family!"


"The best experience at the dentist I've had in years. Everyone in the office, including Dr. Acres, listened to and answered questions personably and patiently. I feel like I've finally found a practice I can trust. Cheers! " -Franck


"You will find no better dental services in the North Country -- each team member totally dedicated to providing the most advanced dental care and treatment for you personally. They are the state of the art in dental practice."


"After being to many dentists I sincerely wanted a fair true opinion. I received that! Fair price and accommodating staff, along with a truthful dentist makes this a great place."


"My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Reed for over 12 years. Dr.Reed and his great staff have always been very friendly and caring. Sandy is very professional and excellent."


"Thank you so much for the happy birthday wishes. In all my years, I have never found a more thoughtful and friendly group of people. The women at the reception desk make you feel at home immediately. I love my dental tech and everyone in the office you encounter gives you a friendly greeting. Dr. Reed is very understanding, very compassionate and very knowledgeable. The office is high tech and I appreciate the fact that I can have work done in one visit rather than returning many times. And with NO PAIN!!! I travel from Ogdensburg and will do so until my children take my license away. Thanks for being there for me and all your patients."


"Dr. Reed's office is excellent! Was able to get a crown made and put in in under 1.5 hours."


"I am always taken good care of by Dr. Reed and his staff. This last root canal was no exception!! I appreciate the professional, caring treatment that I receive every time I go to the office. I am only a "little" nervous instead of "scared to death"!!! They really do "Cater to Us Cowards!!!"


"I lost a tooth in the evening. Called the next day, got right in before noon. The entire visit took no more than 1/2 hour and I was on my way. Excellent service, friendly, helpful staff."


"I called in the morning with a chipped tooth. I got in early afternoon and Dr. Acres did a tremendous job of fixing my tooth. Thank you!"


"Friendly staff. Would recommend Dr. Reed to anyone needing dental work."


"The hygienist was excellent. She gave me a thorough cleaning. I have been coming to this dentist office for many years and have always been satisfied."


"Broke my tooth called and they got me in. Thought I needed filling, turned out to be a crown. I didn't have to make another appointment they fixed it right then."


"My time at the center was very good. The girl who cleaned my teeth was as gentle as she could be, and explained everything to me. She also gave me some advice which was good. Dr Acres also took time to stop and check my teeth while she was cleaning them. It was a pleasant experience."


"Anxious about my dental appointment with the Potsdam Center for Innovative Dental Technologies, the staff and Dr. Acre were patient, understanding, and comforting, making my procedure a positive experience."


"My tooth had lost a filling and I was concerned about it. Dr Reed placed a crown over the tooth in a timely manner with no returns for fittings, etc. It was all done and I walked out the door in under two hours. Thank you for one of my best dental experiences ever."


"Been a while since I had been to a dentist. That will not happen again.Found Bonnie to be able to answer a lot of my questions and was very friendly. Dr. Reed was also friendly and was careful to see that I was as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend Dr. Reed to my family, friends, and co-workers."